Terms and conditions

Through use of this service, and/or by checking “I accept the terms and conditions” the customer accepts all terms and conditions in this agreement, and recognizes that they are binding. Through this agreement the customer is allowed access to a subscription-based service developed, marketed and provided by SkillCode Handelsbolag, hereafter referred to as “the provider”.

1. Provider details

SkillCode HB
Anemongränd 1
58939 Linköping
Orgnr.: 969766-0802
Momsregnr./VAT no.: SE969766080201
Email: admin@signinsimply.com
Tel: +46 (0)732 018 720

2. Subscription

Upon successful registration the customer is granted full access to the service free of charge for 30 days, after which payment of the specified monthly fee is required by credit/debit card through PayPal or by invoice in order to extend right of access. Trial accounts may be deleted due to inactivity or if the provider suspects that the account is being misused or used for non-commercial purposes. The trial period may be shortened if the provider suspects that the customer has created multiple trial accounts in succession. If the customer chooses to cancel their subscription either in writing, by cancelling their PayPal-subscription or through withheld payment, all user data is granted to the provider for deletion.

3. Fees and delivery

All mentioned fees are excluding VAT or other applicable additional taxes. Payment of the specified monthly fee allows usage of the service in only one (1) reception. The customer must notify the provider if the account will be used in multiple receptions so that the billing amount can be adjusted accordingly. The provider reserves the right to adjust fees with three (3) months' notice. The service is considered delivered upon first login. Messages are considered delivered when they have reached the provider’s SMS and email service subcontractors. SMS messages which have reached the service subcontractor but not the end user will be deducted from the specified monthly quota as they have incurred a load on the provider’s and subcontractor’s network and therefore generated a cost. If the specified monthly SMS quota is exceeded, the exceeding amount will be charged through a supplementary quarterly invoice at a cost of 0.06 EUR each.

4. Agreement period and cancellation

The agreement period starts when the customer accepts the terms and conditions on creation of an account and ends in connection with the last payed and non-refunded month in the payment period. If the customer pays by credit/debit card, they may terminate their agreement by cancelling the subscription via PayPal, otherwise they must terminate their agreement in writing. After termination, the service will remain accessible until the current agreement period has ended.

5. Payment and payment period

Payments are made by credit/debit card or invoice. On payment with credit/debit card, charges are made on a monthly basis. The payment period is extended one month at a time in connection with every successful monthly payment. The subscription fee is charged to the specified account or credit/debit card on the same day each month starting from the day of registration. An exception is made if the customer registered on the 29th, 30th or 31st day of the month, in which case the payment date will be adjusted to the 1st of the next month in the case that the current month does not contain a 29th, 30th or 31st day. If termination is made during an ongoing payment period the latest completed payment is granted to the provider in full.

If the customer chooses to pay by invoice, payments are made on a calendar quarterly basis provided no other agreement has been made. The payment period is extended according to agreed payment frequency with every successful payment. If termination is made during an ongoing payment period, the cost of all remaining full months in the payment period will be refunded. If termination is made during the last month in a payment period, the last payment is granted to the provider in full.

The provider reserves the right to immediately terminate the agreement and deny access to the service if:

  • An overdue payment is not made within 7 days of due date.
  • The service is used in an unauthorized manner or by an unauthorized person.
  • The provider suspects that the service is being misused.

If any party is subject to bankruptcy, enters liquidation or in any other way is deemed insolvent, the agreement can be terminated during a valid agreement period, in which case the last made payment is granted to the provider in full.

6. The provider’s obligations

The provider agrees to provide the customer with a visitor management system according to the service level agreement in paragraph 6.1.

The provider is not responsible for:

  • Lost data due to latency, non-delivery, missed delivery or outages caused by actions outside the provider’s control.
  • Misuse or neglect on the customer’s part.
  • Any problems on the part of SMS and email service subcontractors.
  • Inadequacies in the customer’s technical equipment or connection to the service.
  • Data sent and received by the service.

6.1 Service level agreement

The provider aims to maximize the service level of the system at all times, but is not accountable for unplanned outages caused by its subcontractors.

The provider reserves the right to, without having to notify the customer, limit access to the service in order to perform updates, repairs and general maintenance. The provider will notify the customer of such events in advance if possible.

Furthermore, the provider reserves the right to immediately shut down the service for an indefinite period if:

  • The provider suspects that the service is subject to hacking attempts.
  • The provider suspects that saved data may come to harm as a result of imminent equipment failure or other outages.
  • Changes in subcontractor terms and conditions make it impossible for the provider to provide the service according to the terms in this agreement.

6.2 Processing of personal data

The provider is responsible for, as far as is practicably relevant for the service provided, following currently applicable laws regarding processing of personal data.

6.2.1 Data processor agreement

The following agreement serves as a set of instructions provided by the customer (data controller) to the provider (data processor) regulating any and all processing of personal data entered into the system by the customer’s users. Data protection by design and by default

The service is designed to only store personal data which is required for its primary purpose, and any such data may only be used by the provider for the service’s primary purpose. By default, the following personal data can be stored in the system:

  • User data
    • Name
    • Telephone no.
    • Email address
  • Visitor data
    • Name
    • Company
    • Host
    • Visit reason
    • Sign-in and sign-out time
    • Sign-out code

For users with administrator privileges, we also save IP address and details regarding software and hardware configuration for debugging and security purposes.

The customer may also define custom fields in order to collect additional data from the visitor. The customer is responsible for ensuring that data collected in these fields is relevant and appropriate for the service’s primary purpose.

Furthermore, it is the customer’s responsibility to:

  • Delete user data from the system if the user requests it, or if their employment with the customer ends.
  • Configure the system so that visitor records are automatically deleted after they are no longer needed.

Personal data may not be published or otherwise made available by the provider outside of the service and its associated mechanisms without the explicit consent of the customer. Data storage, access and retention

Any data provided by the customer may only be retained during the agreement period, after which the provider must, if instructed, deliver said data to the customer in a suitable format and/or purge it from their system(s). During the agreement period, the provider is obligated to, upon instruction, assist the customer in extracting personal data associated with a specific user in the case that the user in question or an administrative authority requests it. The provider must also provide tools which allow the customer to correct and delete a user's personal data.

Stored personal data must not be shared with unauthorized third parties without the customer’s explicit consent. No personal data, with the exception of data associated with SMS messages and newsletter subscriptions, is transferred outside of EU/EES. Access to personal data must be restricted to those who require it in order to perform their work. The provider must ensure that those with access to said personal data are under an appropriate obligation of confidentiality.

The customer acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to ensure that:

  • Personal data in the system is not in any way inappropriately exposed through the actions of their users.
  • They have a legal basis for processing users' and visitors' personal data in the system. Data security

Proper technical and organisational precautions must be taken by the provider to protect personal data from unauthorized access, changes and destruction. The precautions taken should ensure a level of security which is appropriate for and proportional to:

  • The technical conditions under which the service is run.
  • The precautions’ associated costs.
  • The risks associated with the processing of the personal data in question.
  • The sensitivity of the personal data.

The provider is required to notify the customer of any breach without undue delay after becoming aware of it. The provider is afforded time to assess the cause, scope and potential consequences of such a breach before contacting affected parties. Change of personal data subprocessors

The provider is required to notify the customer via email to administrators and newsletter subscribers upon engaging with new personal data subprocessors or replacing an existing personal data subprocessor. Cooperation with relevant agencies

On request, the provider is obligated to cooperate with data protection agencies in the performance of their tasks. Furthermore, the provider must assist the customer in obtaining approvals from data protection agencies when required, as well as providing the customer with all information necessary to properly demonstrate the service’s compliance with currently applicable laws regarding processing of personal data.

6.2.2 Email communication

The accepting party consents to the processing of their personal data in order to facilitate email communication from the provider. The email communication will only contain important information regarding the services provided, such as notifications about updates, functional changes and service disruptions. Said personal data will not be shared with third parties. Additionally, all users promoted to administrators will automatically be added to the mailing list to ensure that relevant parties receive aforementioned important information.

This service uses cookies, both for critical website functionality (required cookies) as well as marketing and analysis (optional cookies). For more information on what cookies are and how they can be disabled, go to https://cookiesandyou.com.

7.2 Which cookies we save, and what they’re used for

The table below describes which cookies we save and what purpose each serves.

Cookie Service Purpose Expires after Category
_ga Google Analytics and Google Ads Google Analytics cookies help us measure how users interact with the website’s content. Google Ads cookies help us track the performance of our Google search ads. 2 year(s) Optional
_gat_* 1 minute Optional
_gcl_au 90 days Optional
_gid 24 hours Optional
cookieconsent_status SignInSimply Used to remember whether you have accepted or denied the service’s use of optional cookies. 1 year(s) Required
csrf_cookie SignInSimply Contains a one-time encrypted key which is checked every time data is transferred from the client to SignInSimply. Protects against cross-site request forgery. 1 week Required
sis_session SignInSimply Contains an encrypted key which is used to associate your client with a stored session in SignInSimply. 30 days Required

8. The customer’s obligations

The customer may not perform any actions that may harm the provider’s reputation, delivery or services or break the laws of any country in which the service is used. The customer may not resell the service without the provider’s explicit permission. The customer is responsible for:

  • Data sent and received with the service, as well as the data which is saved in the provider’s database.
  • Keeping usernames and passwords confidential.
  • Any misuse caused by not keeping usernames and passwords confidential.
  • Minimizing the risk of unauthorized access by using and advocating secure passwords.
  • Immediately notifying the provider of unauthorized usage of its account or other security flaws which might arise.

9. Force majeure

The provider does not accept any responsibility for delays or faults that are a result of conditions outside its control such as professional conflicts, fire, war, decisions made by authorities, limitations of or failed delivery from subcontractors.

10. The right to use the customer as reference

Unless the customer explicitly states otherwise in writing, the provider has the right to use the customer’s company name and logo for reference purposes on the service’s main page and in other promotional material.

11. Other information

The provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the agreement and announce them by updating it on the web page. The customer is considered to have accepted them if they have continued to use the service seven (7) days after the changes are made. The agreement may not be transferred to another party without explicit written permission from the provider.