SignInSimply is a visitor management system that offers all the necessary features to ensure that your reception's sign in process is as fast and simple as possible for your visitors.

A simple, customizable sign in screen

The sign in screen is simple and intuitive, and can be customized with the company's own background image and logo.

Screenshot visitor management system desktop
Search for host

Visitors can search for the person they are visiting

Visitors can easily search for their host by typing any part of their first or last name.

Sign in multiple visitors at once

Groups of visitors can speed up the sign-in process by registering multiple names at once.

Search for host
Custom sign in field

Customizable sign in fields

Need to collect special information from your visitors? Simply add a custom sign in field to the sign in page. For example, this can be used to let the visitor register their phone number, visitor badge number or vehicle registration number. The information is shown in the message that is sent to the host.

Include terms of visitation on the sign in page

You can include terms of visitation on the sign page which the visitor must accept in order to sign in. Some examples of what the terms of visitation could include are an NDA, privacy policy or health declaration.

Terms of visitation
Automatic message to host

The host is automatically notified when their visitor signs in

As soon as the visitor has signed in the visitor management system notifies the host via SMS and/or email, depending on their preference.

Automatic printing of name badge

If you have a Dymo Labelwriter label printer installed a name badge with your company logo will be printed automatically when a visitor signs in. It's also possible to add extra information to the name badge, e.g. login details for wireless networks.

Automatic printing of name badge
Automatic sign out

Automatic sign out at the end of the day

If a visitor has not signed out by the end of the day they will be signed out automatically at a specific time according to your settings.

Pre-register visits

Receptionists and administrators can pre-register visits to speed up the sign in process. Name badges can be printed ahead of time.

Pre-register visits
Import users from Excel

Import hosts from an Excel sheet

To speed up the setup process you can import hosts, including their contact details, directly from an Excel sheet.

A searchable and printable visitor log

Ensure that you always have an up-to-date list of visitors with the visitor management system's searchable and printable visitor log.

Visitor log